Fewbie++ Friday 19th July AM Drive

Open to one star and above offroaders
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Fewbie++ Friday 19th July AM Drive

Post by Asem Ahmed » Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:46 am

Fewbie+ Friday 19th July AM Drive

Date: Friday 19th July

Drive Meet: 06:15 AM
Drive Start: 06:30 AM
Drive End: 09:30 AM

Location: Sony

1 Convoy of 7-8 vehicles.

Meeting Point:
Shared via a Whatsapp group for participants (please list a working phone number on your DO profile)

a) Fully functional 4x4 vehicle with enough fuel.
b) Air compressor in working condition.
c) Recovery rope/strap.
d) Compatible Radio pre-programmed to Clubs frequencies.
e) Refreshments for oneself.
f) Off road flag attachable to vehicle.

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