Liwa calling, Multilevel Liwa Drive 30th November' 2017

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Re: Liwa calling, Multilevel Liwa Drive 30th November' 2017

Post by Gwen » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:26 pm

Very proud of @Sebastien who did a great job on his first drive as a Marshal in a highly challenging environment. Every possible effort was made to accommodate the interests and concerns of the older kids that we are as well as the youngest.

I believe all newbies/fewbies got a taste of the technical fun of Liwa. Passengers enjoyed the rocking sceneries of the desert and the entertainment of recoveries. The very youngest participants were successfully inoculated with the virus of outdoor life while no compromise was made on safety.

Thanks to all participants for the great atmosphere that arose on the trip and special thanks to Sahil (@Sahil Trehan), @Francis and Franck (@Frankyno) who were crucial in making this trip a success.

PS: By the way, dear Marshals (@John.Xterra), this trip contributed to widening the ranks of candidates for a ;;) :drive:

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Re: Liwa calling, Multilevel Liwa Drive 30th November' 2017

Post by Chamalo » Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:49 pm

Many thanks for Sebastien, Frank, Sahil and Francis for giving us the opportunity to discover this part of the UAE.
the rhythm of the drive on the second day was absolutely amazing and it reminded me off-track skiing in some of the untouched parts of the French Alps. Safety was always Sebastien's prime concern and while we were enjoying driving, he managed to keep the convoy moving at the same speed.
Great experience and great company.

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