Show [off] your equipment

Open to all offroaders!
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Re: Show [off] your equipment

Post by Evosound » Sat Jun 04, 2016 2:21 pm

Getting my gear together before coming out with you chaps,

Kit so far

1x ARB ARB501 Orange Large Recovery Bag
2x ARB ARB220 Orange Recovery Damper
1x ARB ARB730 3" x 10' Tree Saver Strap - 26500 lbs Capacity (to bridle between recovery points)
4x Shackles
1x ARB ARB710 3-1/4" x 30' Recovery Strap - 24000 lbs Capacity
1x ARB ARB605 Blue Inflator with Gauge and Braided Hose (I have an onboard compressor)
1x ARB 10000010 Orange Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit
1x 30m Airline Hose
1x Guardair 80WJ Whisper Jet Safety Air Gun
1x Power Tank THD-8125 Blue 5-20 PSI TrailHead Tire Deflator, (Pack of 4)
1x Smittybilt 29312B Receiver Hitch D-Ring with 3/4-Inch Shackle for 2-Inch Receivers
1x First Aid Trauma kit
1x Motorola Walkie Talkie (on the clubs feq)
1x Yato 24 Bit Socket Set
1x Full Tool Kit
1x Yato Work Gloves
1x Energizer 1-Gauge 800A Jumper Cables 25 Ft
1x 1m Scaff Bar
1x Fire Extinguisher
1x Set Of Gaffa Tape/PVC & Zip Ties
1x 4" Length Heat Shrink KIT - 180 Pieces - 2:1 Shrink Ratio - Size Range: 1/16" to 3/8" - Color: Rainbow
1x Petzl Tikka Xp2 Head Torch
1x LED Lenser Police Tech Focus Torch
1x Leatherman Charge TTi
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Re: Show [off] your equipment

Post by Francis » Thu Sep 15, 2016 5:19 pm

• Shovel
• 2 radios
• High-Lift Jack
• High-Lift Jack Board
• Recovery strap/rope
• Kinetic Rope
• Rated Shackles x2
• Fire extinguisher x1
• Heavy Duty leather gloves
• 20L Jerry can x2
• Fuel Pipe Gauge x2
• Tire Deflator
• Tire repair kit
• Spare valves
• Twin piston ARB compressor
• 50 Liter Air tank
• Backup air compressor
• Coil air hose
• Backup air hose
• Air gun
• ARB Inflator with Gauge and Braided Hose
• Flag + flag pole
• Gaia GPS
• First aid kit
• Flashlight
• Swiss army knife
• Headlamp
• Valve remover
• Chain cutter
• Digital millimeter
• On board Jack x1
• Hydraulic Jack x 1
• Magnetic Compass
• Built in car compass
• Battery Jumper cable
• Cool box
• Spare AAA and AA Batteries
• Power inverter
• Winch with wireless remote
• Off-road lights
• Various spanners
• Socket set
• Various screw drivers
• Plastic head hammer
• Dead blow hammer
• Nose plier
• Plier
• Wire cutter
• Hand wrench
• Blade cutter
• Electric tape
• Zip ties
• Duct tape
• Wire clip
• Allen key set
• Flat Head Screwdriver (Various Size)
• Philips Screwdriver (Various Size)
• Pneumatic gun
• Impact Sockets (Various Size)
• Socket set x 2
• Wood saw
• XO metal blade & saw
• Emergency drinking water
• Strap down ropes
• Tool Box
• Adjustable wrench
• Loctite
• Various size screws
• 5 persons tent
• 4 chairs

I have written what I could remember. Should be more :D


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Re: Show [off] your equipment

Post by duli » Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:59 pm

Francis. U posted in the wrong thread bro. U should open a new thread with the title 'hard ware shop in the middle of nowhere (desert)' :p


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Re: Show [off] your equipment

Post by RJJK » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:00 pm

Only just starting out but so far I have:

Dune Flag Pole with GB flag
'Motorola' Walkie Talkie
Bushranger Tyre Deflator
AOR Extendable Shovel
Low power flashlight
4 Man Tent
Sleeping Bag
Camping Chair
Fire Extinguisher
First aid kit (x2)
Cable Ties

And a shopping list as long as my arm!

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Re: Show [off] your equipment

Post by Karimbadr » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:26 am

I always believe that seeing is believing, so I decided just to attach pictures for the gears I have :)

Yesterday was my first trip with the group, and it was amazing
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Re: Show [off] your equipment

Post by Talalshehab » Sun Jul 07, 2019 3:41 pm

Great discussion and gave me good idea of what is best to buy

So far I have the following

- Shovel + a foldable shovel for b.b.q 😁
- Snatch (American off roaders 9m 30% stretch
- Soft Shackles x 2
- Rated shackle x 1 3/4 (as a spare)
- Air compressor (150 psi) and planning to get bigger one soon
- Tyre deflator
- Gauge
- Radio x 2 + 2 extra batteries
- Multi tools box
- Tyre puncture repair
- Variety of oils + Radiator repair chemical
- car jack + Trolley jack
- Jack base (wood)
- Storage box + Cargo net and lots of straps and bungees
- First aid kit (comprehensive wilderness kit)
- Fire extinguisher
- Zip ties + duct tape + WD40

Near future project
- Skid plate
- Lift Kit
- Car radio system
- Built in compressor 250 PSI
and some other bits and pieces

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