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Real Name: Andy W
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Andy19 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:59 pm

Andy Wiseman

2008 FJ - Bash plate - no other mods yet (however funds are set aside for an air filter and 2" lift!).

Did a lot of offroading in the military - not much on deep sand though. First time i went out in the desert here i got stuck and it took me about an hour to recover myself, no shovel, no tow rope, tyre pressure too high - all the usual rookie mistakes!

Anyway lesson learned, so i joined up with DO to see how it was done properly and haven't looked back. Really great bunch of guys, friendly, knowledgeable and well organised.

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Real Name: Julian Roberts
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Post by julianroberts4941 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:31 pm

Hi Guys,

I am Julian Roberts and have been in the business of Recruiting people for companies here in UAE.
I have been a couple of time in the desert when I had a GMC Envoy and then figured out it’s not the right vehicle if I wanted to pursue my passion for offroading. Sold the car and then was stuck with a sedan for some time. Finally managed to buy myself a Jeep and was curious to learn. Came across many offroading clubs until Dubai Offroaders caught my eye.
Joined the group without hesitation and have successfully completed 2 Drives with them.
Hoping to stick around for a long time with the anticipation of learning more techniques and equipping myself with all the experience and skills needed.

Thank you to the group and all the experienced drivers for the opportunity to learn.

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Real Name: Hamid Sajjadi
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1. K&N filter,
2. Iron-man front 3 inch and rear 2 inch lift with Iron-man Shocks and springs all around.
3. 8-mm Solid Aluminum Skid-plate by ICON.
4. 17x8 "less-positive-offset" FJ Cruizer 2013 Extreme wheels with 275-65-17 Michelin all Terrain.
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Post by offroad » Thu Oct 11, 2012 4:42 pm

Name: Hamid Sajjadi

Vehicle: Toyota Fortuner 4.0 V6. Mods: Front & rear bumper guards, HID lights, K&N Filter.

Occupation: Eye Surgeon

Offroading: Since 1996 started in Dubai with a 1996 Mitsubishi Pajero

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Post by JustDen » Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:40 pm

Name - Denis Marian
Profession - Logistics/Supply Chain Officer in Schneider Electric.
Car - Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 4.0 Limited. Black of course :)
Mods - extra fans (came included in the deal) and some mechanical problems yet to be solved. :-B
Followed DO anonymously since ~1 year.
First ever offroad session - today 12/Oct/2012. 2,3 times stuck, could've been worse... :) ohh, it wAs worse - got a sun-stroke :)

Cant wait for the next trip :drive:

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Post by wasiabbas » Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:02 pm

Name - Wasi Abbas
profession - Maintenance & installation Engineer in Arabian Ind gases Co.
Car - Pajero 3.6L 2012
Offroad : Just went alone to Al Warqa dunes on 16th Oct'12 and drove a little with felt aweeeesome and would like to learn more about it.
About me: Fun, loving & optimistic guy, love to make friends and now "OFFROADS". Thanks to Mr.Robinson / Tanzeer for refering me this group. Hope to have fun with the group..Cheersssssss

Drive like a Devil, Feel like an Angel...
Wasi Abbas

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Real Name: Hasnain Bhojani
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Post by hnbhojani » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:56 pm

Hi there!

First time off-roader and newbie at forums too (would need a lot of towing and pulling)!
Name: Hasnain Bhojani
Vehicle: Chevrolet Captiva 2008 (NO MODS!)
This is my first offroad vehicle and cannot wait to get it in the dunes (and prolly get stuck)
Love the sand and dunes, and the weather just seems right to try a hand
Not the best car to start with tho and hope can just manage a decent ride
Looking forward to the trip


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Post by musbah » Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:07 am

Hi Folks:
Name: Mahmoud Musbah
Age: 46
Car: FJC 2012 not modified and CFMOTO Z6 Buggy
Profession: Vice President @ Omnix International an IT leading company in the region
Offroad: The first time I started offroading was in 2001 till 2003 and then due to heavy travel I was unable to continue. I love to do offroading and exploring new places. It was a great incident to know DO team during last trip to Fossil Rock and I was very keen to become a member and would like to thank you all for the organised team and well maintained website and great planning as well.

Thanks again and wishing you all the best of luck, success, and safe driving.

Mahmoud Musbah


"Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made."


Post by brianj » Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:14 pm

A 2nd Update on my 1st update to introduce yourself, (this is an evolutive process)

1st update; Thursday 6.12.12 we took delivery of an 2012 FJC fresh outa Al Futaim, drove it straight up to Khasab for an on road shakedown cruise before getting the obligatory 1K kms warranty service done.

2nd Update, 3.02.13; We are now at 6500kms of which a big chunk's offroad and of that the greater part with DO. Nikki my wife has also now registered with DO (member name Nikki) so she gets to drive in her own right too. I think we can fairly say we've been bitten.

Who am I?: Long standing ME visitor, my visit to Dubai was 1967, from Bahrain. Worked in and around the Gulf on and off since then, before settling in Dubai late 2011.

What do we do: I don't have a function in the UAE (although that could change), Nikki is senior management with a Swiss Multinational, working the Globe out of their UAE office. Every year I'm in the UAE from late September to end April, after which time I can be found in the Ionian archipelago on the western side of Greece, where I work as a sailing yacht Charter skipper.

Before settling in the UAE we had no "offroad" offroad experience, more "off the beaten track" touring in FNQ Australia, French & Swiss Alps,European highlands, Patagonia and northern Argentina, Scotland, The Sierra Nevada's, Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Our 6week old FJC is a great vehicle, although we believe it could do with a more substantial bash plate and maybe a 2inch lift, however as the vehicle is only 6weeks old :-? Watch this space :D

DO is an excellent group of people of which we can enthusiastically say we are now part. Although we have driven with other groups including a trip to the Liwa, no more! We shall stay here and be part of this generous, organised and knowledgeable family. :ymhug:

Ist introduction is no longer relevant and has been removed :-o

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Real Name: Kaleeswaran
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Post by Goodly » Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:30 pm

Good Morning! DO's

Name: Kaleeswaran
I'm in Dubai with my family since Jan 2008, got my favorite 4WD during Mar-2011. Learned few tips from online and collected basics of Desert driving, got a chance to take my 4WD to Off-Road to Explore UAE-IV charity event sponsored by Ramy 4x4 on Mar-2012, it was one day trip. :drive: First half was terrain drive and second half was on Desert, during this first off-road trip :-? after reaching start point on Desert, I noted that I need to gather and learn more on about my 4WD, before getting into Desert, so prepared questions within my mind, such as..Why I' need to go Off-road, What are needed for Off-Road, How to get-in and get-our safely during off-road trip? skipped the Desert Trip. Again spend more time on web to collect information to drive on Desert and took my 4WD to Al Awir, did not go deep into desert, as I was learning near the village (Military Compound in Al Awir), because I can call someone If I'm stuck and my cousin was with me to help(he don't drive) after half day driving returned home with confidence, that I can make it. On 27th April 2012, I took my Family with my 4WD to Fossil Rock starting from Al Awir, at two points got stuck :-$ , had few recovery kits, used sand boards I got out. Till now I have visited around 5 times to desert, 2 times Fossil Rock, 1 Time Pink Rock and 2 times to Al Awir, Then decided not to go alone, as it is not safe, this winter I'm sure I will get a chance to go with my Family to have fun with DO's.

I rate myself between newbies to intermediate...?

Million thanks to my wife and kids who did not panic during my drive and I salute to sand god. be continued...if asked...

See you




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Post by Chris » Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:44 pm

Driving with a group is not only safer but you'll learn a lot faster because if you get stuck there is probably someone who can tell you what mistake you made. so next time you wont get stuck.

if you didn't break it, you didn't learn anything.

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