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Post by Asim » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:31 pm

SimonM wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:56 pm
Name: Simon Maselli
Vehicle: Toyota FJ Cruise, 2019 model. No modifications
Occupation: Student. 1 year left for graduation :D
Offroading: I always look forward for an adventure. Hiking, Camping, Sightseeing, Exploring. So this adds to my general interests. And I am looking forward to desert driving. I would say I am a newbie with regards to experience
Hi Simon, welcome to DO and congratulations on getting one of the best 4x4s.
Before venturing out in the desert do get a skid plate and airbag cut off switch. Feel free to contact me if u need any assistance for your fj.

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Real Name: Talal Shehab AlDin
Vehicle Make & Model: Chevrolet Trail Blazer Z71 2019
Disclaimer: Agreed and Signed.
Nickname: Captain Turtle
Location: Ras Al Khaimah
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Post by Talalshehab » Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:23 am

Name: Talal Shehab
Vehicle: Chevrolet Trail Blazer
Z71 Edition. No mods
Occupation: Head of Operations and Outdoor Adventure Training Trainer
Offroading: Been off roading on and off since 2007 with a stop for the last two years due to rugby related injuries
Volunteered in some rescues as a medic and I love scuba diving

[It's NOT the Dunes that we conquer, It's Ourselves

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The Bargeots
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Real Name: Fratini
Vehicle Make & Model: Nissan Patrol 2.8LTDi6 - 2000
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Post by The Bargeots » Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:23 pm

Name: Sebastien Fratini
Vehicle: Nissan Patrol 2.8LTDi6 (RD28Ti) with many mods and Buggy Tubular V8 5.7 L (L98).
Occupation: Elevator (Lift) maintenance technician
Offroading: Since 2004 with different rigs

Thank you for accepting me on your board.
I present myself, Sébastien, I live in the south of France, passionate about 4x4 for many years, I own a Nissan Patrol (Safari) SWB with the engine (anemic) 2.8LTD6 (RD28Ti) and a tubular buggy under construction equipped with a Pontiac V8 5.7 L (L98) that will be dedicated to rock Crawling.
I am the Webmaster of a French-language Forum dedicated to the offroad extreme (Winch Challenge, Rock Crawling, Trial...) inspired by a well-known American forum (I don't put a link or a name because I don't know if I can do " advertising")

The question that some must ask themselves... What am I doing on a Forum like this?..

At the end of October (from 30/10 to 2/11), I stop over in the city of Dubai for a few days to visit this incredible City, and I would like to meet some local 4x4 riders and optimally also see some extreme preparations like those that can be found on video (Dragster race in the dune climbs with super powerful 4x4).
I like to do photo reports on the practices of the 4x4 in different places of the world and I would like to add Dubai to my list (I have already done Japan, Russia, Thailand...)

Merci de m'avoir accepté sur votre forum.
Je me présente, Sébastien, j'habite dans le sud de la France, passionné de 4x4 depuis de nombreuses années, je possède un Nissan Patrol (Safari) SWB avec le moteur (anémique) 2.8LTD6 (RD28Ti) ainsi qu'un buggy tubulaire en cours de construction équipé d'un Pontiac V8 5.7L (L98) qui sera dédié au Rock Crawling.
Je suis le Webmaster d'un Forum francophone dédié au Franchissement extrême (Winch Challenge, Rock Crawling, Trial...) inspiré par un forum Americain très connu (je ne mets pas de lien ni de nom car je ne sais pas si je peux faire de la "publicité")

La question que certains doivent se poser... Qu'est que je viens faire sur un Forum comme celui ci...

Fin Octobre (du 30/10 au 2/11), je fait escale sur la ville de Dubaï quelques jours pour visiter cette ville hors du commun, et j'aimerais rencontrer quelques pratiquants de 4x4 locaux et optimalement voir aussi quelques préparation extrêmes comme celles que l'on peut trouver en vidéo (course de Dragster dans les montées de dune avec des 4x4 surpuissants).
J'aime faire des reportages photos sur les pratiques du 4x4 dans les différents endroits du monde et j'aimerais ajouter Dubaï sur ma liste (j'ai deja fait le Japon, Russie, Thaïlande...)

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