Leave no trace Practices.

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Leave no trace Practices.

Post by Ahmad Pervez » Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:56 am

A very nice article on the practices to be followed when camping or spending time outdoors...

http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hiking/ ... -practices

Specially useful...

•Leave plants, cultural artifacts and other natural objects where you found them for others to enjoy.
•Don’t build structures or dig trenches around tents.
•Do not damage live trees or plants; green wood burns poorly. Collect only firewood that is dead, down, and no larger than your wrist. Leave dead standing trees and dead limbs on standing trees for the wildlife.
•Consider using rubber tips on the bottom of your trekking poles to avoid scratch marks on rocks, “clicking” sounds, and leaving holes along the trail.
•Avoid introducing or transporting non-native species by checking your boots, socks, packs, tents, and clothing for non-native seeds that you could remove before hitting the trail.

•Use stoves for cooking – if you need a fire, build one only where it’s legal and in an existing fire ring. Leave hatchets and saws at home – collect dead and downed wood that you can break by hand. Burn all wood to ash.
•Do not try to burn trash, including foil, plastic, glass, cans, tea bags, food, or anything with food on it. These items do not burn thoroughly. They create noxious fumes, attract wildlife like skunks and bears, and make the area unsightly.
•Where campfires are permitted, leave the fire ring clean by removing others’ trash and scattering unused wood, cold coals, and ashes 200 feet away from camp after the fire is cold and completely out.

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