Tuesday 03 Nov, mid week morning fewbie drive

Please note that you will not be allowed to join the drive if you come to the meeting point without a functioning pre-programmed radio and a flag with flag pole attached to your car. This is for your safety and for the safety of others on the drive. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



Open to one star and above offroaders
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Tuesday 03 Nov, mid week morning fewbie drive

Post by kinloch » Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:02 am

A mid-week, fast paced drive for those with one star and above.

Meeting time: 0600
Drive starts: 0615
Drive will end around 0900
Meeting point: Badayer area - exact point will be shared on whatsapp on Monday evening.
Terrain: high sand dunes

A. At the meeting point, please park the vehicles at least 5 metres apart and observe standard social distancing practices.
B. Face mask and gloves to be worn at all times.
C. No shaking hands, hugging or any other physical contact.
C. Max 3 persons per vehicle, or 5 if from the same family staying in the same house.
D. Please watch the drive briefing on website page
E. Communications on the day will be carried out by radio, so please ensure your radio carries the correct channel announced on your convoy’s WhatsApp group so you can line up correctly once at the meeting point, deflate your tyres are deflated and mount your flag.
F. Drivers AND passengers should remain in their vehicles, after deflating their tyres and NOT meet or socialise with other participants.
G. There is to be no sharing of any food or drinks.
H. No sharing of any equipment, tow topes, shackles, radios or any other accessory.
I. In the event of a recovery, please radio your position in the convoy and vehicle - a marshal will advise you on how to self-recover or will assist.

a) Fully functional 4x4 vehicle with enough fuel.
b) Air compressor in working condition.
c) Recovery rope/strap.
d) Compatible Radio pre-programmed to Clubs frequencies.
e) Refreshments for oneself.
f) Off road flag attachable to vehicle.

1) Registering and not turning up stops others from joining and is highly avoidable behavior.
2) Be punctual.
3) Avoid bringing along unregistered participants without prior permission.
4) Please Maintain Social Distance at all time

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