FEWBIE AM Drive 24/05/2019 Faqa (Closed)

Open to one star and above offroaders
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FEWBIE AM Drive 24/05/2019 Faqa (Closed)

Post by Rocklad » Mon May 20, 2019 11:34 pm

Day and date: Friday 24th May 2019

Briefing: 06:45 Please get there in time to deflate, attach your flag pole and be ready for a 6:50 briefing
Drive Start: 07:00
Drive End: 09:00 - 09:30

Drive registration will close when convoy size is reached or Thursday 3pm - Calls and messages after that time will be ignored.

Convoy Size:
1 convoy of 8

Meeting Point:
Will create a Whats app group with location (please make sure your profile phone number is correct on DO website)
Drive start and finish point will be within 1 hour of Dubai.

1) Don't sign up and not turn up - your stopping someone else from coming. On limited spaces drive you won't be added If you have repeatedly flaked in the past.
2) Drive will start on time. Don't moan if the convoys left without you or message me that your running late. Your choice (a) turn up on time for the drive, or (b) don't sign up and have a sleep in like normal people.

a) Carry air compressor with you and ensure it’s in working condition.
b) Ensure your 4x4 vehicle is in perfect condition and with enough fuel.
c) Compatible Radio is a must. You won't be allowed to drive without one.
d) Carry enough refreshments for yourself & co-passengers.
e) Have an off road flag properly attached to your car.