Fast Paced Intermediate Drive on 16th of August 2013.

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Re: Fast Paced Intermediate Drive on 16th of August 2013.

Post by razik » Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:18 pm

Convoy - 2

1. Ahmad Pervez
2. Duncan
3. Ole
4. Hongbin
5. Razik
6. Matthew (Sweep)
7. Paul (Sweep incharge )

Fantastic drive overall :yesss: :yesss: :yesss:
Mr. Ahmad insisted on doing all big dunes enroute to Iftar bowl than attempting to drive onwards to Ghost town which made sense as the drizzle earlier had played its part :( :-o
What a sight it was from behind to see the convoy moving higher & higher in great pace...few second attempts which i thought reflected driver's good sense of judgement & presence of mind as the tracks were litterally turning to ploughland with wet & soft sand mixture :-o
Great usual support by Matthew & Paul who was not driving shotgun this time but was behind wheels himself of a beautiful looking Omani number plate Wrangler ;)
Duncan was superb again as the second lead :ymapplause:
It was great to have Ole back with us...its always a treat to watch your manoeuvers mate :yesss:
Hongbin & his machine (legendary Defender) were terrific...great driving mate :ymapplause:
Few stucks & recoveries which were gladly shared between the 3 of us at the rear :)

Thank you Ahmad Saab :thanks:
Thanks to all from both convoys for participating :thanks:
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Re: Fast Paced Intermediate Drive on 16th of August 2013.

Post by Saj » Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:02 pm

Great drive, great weather and a great bunch of offroaders.

It was a typical mid-August afternoon as I set out from home with the temperature gauge in my car showing 40C. I was mentally prepared for a hot and humid drive. After fuelling up at the Lahbab gas station, I found myself in the middle of a sandstorm when passing by Tawi Nazwa which surprisingly gave way to showers on reaching Badayer. It was a decent spell of rain lasting about 10-15 minutes and the temperature had dropped down to 30C as confirmed by Saif earlier. 

The sudden change in the weather meant our drive preparation altered as well and the first thing that Saif mentioned was to keep the psi slightly higher than in regular offroad conditions and Ahmad Saab added to that by instructing the members to avoid side sloping.

The full convoy was then split into two by Ahmad Saab with Humayun leading one convoy and the other was led by the founder himself. We were spoilt for sweeps as we had Saif, Mathews, Paul, Firoz and Razik present for the day. I was a part of Humayun's convoy with Firoz as second lead and Saif as sweep and out we rolled into the Badayer dunes to satisfy our dune bashing itch. 

One thing you are assured of when Humayun leads is the SPEED. And so was the case with this drive as well. Unfortunately we had to alter our route twice due to other vehicles being stuck in key areas which prevented our convoy's access to those particular dunes.  

The lead was maintaining great pace when we had our first and only stuck. The car following this vehicle got stuck as a consequence as well. The stuck cars were very close to each other but we had the calm and assuring presence of Saif to guide us out of any tricky situations. 

We played the good Samaritan as well and helped others on our way to Iftar bowl. On reaching Iftar bowl we chit chatted with friends we met there and waited for our other convoy to arrive. 

It was a good day out in the sands. Thank you Humayun and Saif for managing our convoy. Firoz as usual is a reliable and experienced offroader and a great second lead to have. Ashraf was always there to help out and demonstrated a great attitude. Baher drove very well as well.

Thank you all for a very pleasant unusual mid-August adventure. 




Re: Fast Paced Intermediate Drive on 16th of August 2013.

Post by firoztv » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:15 am

Indeed a very good fast paced drive....Thanks Humayuon :yesss: :yesss: ...if not for the obstacles created by other fellow offroaders teams; this could've been more fun.

The pace was such that, at one point we lost our sweep Fouji from the vicinity :-o :-o ; but regrouped very fast :drive: :drive: . That's the spirit of the team.

Great driving by Baher, Ashraf, Sajjid and full support from saif..what else you could ask for.

Thanks Ahmed sir; for carving such a wonderful team in two different conveys...I'm sure the other convey too would've enjoyed the drive very much,

Look forward for more this kind of fun filled fast paced drives in between.... :thanks:

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Re: Fast Paced Intermediate Drive on 16th of August 2013.

Post by Ahmad Pervez » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:42 am

It was indeed an excellent day to be out and about and I am glad that everybody had a good time.
It was a good decision to split the convoy into 2 and consequently good pace was maintained overall.
Thanks to Humayoo'n and Saif for leading & sweeping the 1st convoy and to Sanjay & Paul, who drove all the way from Muscat with Rebecca to drive with us, to support the 2nd Convoy as sweep.
Everybody drove well and we left our tyre marks on almost all the higher dunes in the Badayer Rifaadah Area!!!
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