®oller©oaster Returns - Fri, AM, SonyEricsson

Open to two stars and above offroaders
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®oller©oaster Returns - Fri, AM, SonyEricsson

Post by JustDen » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:48 pm

Day and date: Friday, October 27th
Drive Meet: 06:00 am
Drive Start: 06:15 am
Drive End: 09:00 am

Drive Type:
Fast paced, ridge riding Roller Coaster type.

Meeting Point:
Will create a Whats app group with location (please make sure your profile phone number is correct on DO website)

1) Don't sign up and not turn up - your stopping someone else from coming. :-B
2) Drive will start on time. No negotiation. Apologies in advance. L-)
3) It is expected to be a really fast paced. Please get the coffee dose on time, and get some sea-sickness pills, especially for passengers. :ymdevil: :ymsick:
4) Will have breakfast by 9:00 after the drive, so if you like, bring along your breakfast. :ymhug:


a) Ensure your 4 x 4 vehicle is in perfect condition
b) Carry an auto air compressor with you and ensure it’s in working condition.
b) Compatible Radio is mandatory
c) Carry all necessary offroad gears, in good condition.
d) Carry enough water / refreshments / re-hydration drinks for self & co-passenger(s).
e) Please ensure that your vehicle's Fuel Tank is full
f) Make sure that your spare tyre is in workable condition.
g) Your vehicle must have front and rear tow points.
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Re: ®oller©oaster Returns - Fri, AM, SonyEricsson

Post by Jimbob » Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:47 am

There looks like a chance now that i have to be in AD for 10am so i might not be able to make it. But please add me to the whatapp group just in case i can make it. But i don't want to take a spot for someone else to join. Thanks hope i can make it sounds like such a fun drive.
Buckle up i want to try something :drive:

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Re: ®oller©oaster Returns - Fri, AM, SonyEricsson

Post by Sahil Trehan » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:46 pm

Enjoyed driving with everyone on this trip.. Always a pleasure driving in that area!
Sahil Trehan

Plus Est En Vous :o)

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