ABS Kill Switch trick - Prado 150 series

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ABS Kill Switch trick - Prado 150 series

Post by amar.mohamed » Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:46 pm

Sharing a little trick I used to build the kill switch for my Prado 2016 model.

Learned two ways to disable the ABS in the Prado
1. Via the fusebox. Simply unplug the fuse.
2. Via the ABS systems wiring harness. Disconnect the control plug to the ABS system

The kill switches I found so far online and in the garages revolved around the following methods

1. Bypass the fuse. This involved making a hole in the box, running the kill switch cables through and bypassing the fuse inside
2. Break the circuit of the ABS system. Here they splice the wires in the harness and connect it to the kill switch

Didn't like either options. Wanted to maintain the integrity of the fuse box and ABS wiring harness. So did a modified version of option 2.

3. Create a bridge between the control plug and the ABS system. Studied the male and female connectors of the circuit and found the associated part numbers of the plugs/connectors online after a lengthy search and literally comparing shapes. The Female connector was in stock here at the Toyota Spare parts but the other male connector had to be ordered from Japan. Both cost 20 AED each. Male connector came today! I went straight to the garage and made them follow my hastily sketched out wiring diagram.

Attached the same here...it's a bit crude (drew it in MS paint :grin: ) but oh well, it works! This gives me the option (if I have to) to remove the kill switch and bridge and restore the Prado back to its original state. Don't know if others have done something like this but thought I'll share it anyway O:-)


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Post by samirtengli » Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:49 pm

مرحبا يا أخي، تقنيات رائعة جدا.

Samir / White Toyota Prado 2015 SWB

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