Viking Ropes and Soft Shackles for sale

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Viking Ropes and Soft Shackles for sale

Post by Asim » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:00 am

On behalf of Marshal Saif I am glad to post that we have a few viking ropes and soft shackles for sale

Recovery Rope = Viking Rope
Length = 08 Meters w 10 Inch Soft canvas covered eyes on both ends
Thickness (dia) = 26 Millimeters
Co-eff of Elasticity > 30-40%
Minimum Break Load = 13.2 Tons
Material = Nylon multifilament 3-strand
Price per rope = AED 275/-

Generally, newbie offroaders go for non rated recovery ropes and shackles being unaware of the huge risk, if it fails during recovery. Such failure can turn fatal to occupants of both cars. Therefore a proper recovery rope is a worth investment for all offroaders. Kinetic recovery rope saves both cars and its occupants when hard jerks are applied by stretching & then retracting to pull the stuck car out.

DO Marshals have used the same rope for over 7 years and these still works perfectly, definitely a good investment

Few Facts to consider:-
1. Viking Rope Videos - Mission impossible is possible with kinetic ropes.
2. Nylon has good weather and abrasion resistance and flexibility is generally unaffected by temperature.
3. Recovery using kinetic ropes provides less strain to both vehicles.

13 Tons soft shackles are stronger than comparable steel shackles. Soft shackles won’t rust and are so light they float(never tried floating them though) Towing applications include: 4x4 off-road, etc etc
Advantages Over Steel Shackles:
Stronger than steel -
Flexible - easily wraps around the most difficult pulling points!
One piece construction - no pins to fasten!

Each soft shackle is priced at AED 100

Bundle offer 1 viking rope and 2 soft shackles for AED 450/-

1) This arrangement is on first come first serve basis, subject to availability.
2) Cash payment against delivery.
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Re: Viking Ropes and Soft Shackles for sale

Post by Anir » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:24 pm

Hi Asim,
I would like to go for 1 viking rope.
Let me know!
Anir, JGC, 050 5549194

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