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Post by JustDen » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:13 am

Asim wrote:has anyone here tried the AOR KINETIC RECOVERY ROPE from Ramy 4X4. :-? :-? ? It currently retails for apprx AED 350 and is 30ft long, 7/8" wide, pulling capacity is 28,900 LBS and breaking strength is 38,900 LBS. btw its 30%elastic =p~ =p~

it apparently sounds better than most of the other ropes in this price range and im planing to get 1 soon :D :D !
7/8" is like 2.22 cm... kinda narrow... it might be (1 7/8") or (2 7/8")...
at such a big pulling capacity I doubt it will stretch when pulling less than 5000 lbs cars we drive :)
my bushranger has 20,000 lbs capacity and it doesnt stretch even when I tow F150 or H2's :D so it's harder on the chassis...
but if used carefully (not pulling hard) it can do its job
If budget is not an issue, Bubba Rope is the best nowadays (seen it in action and it really rocks)

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Post by matthewficco » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:22 am

I believe this is the rope you are talking about at Ramy....http://www.bubbarope.com/professional-g ... overy-rope

It is 7/8 inch by 30 feet with breaking strength of 28,000 pounds or approx 14 tons. This is way too much as Denis highlighted. It will never stretch so you will not get the kinetic benefit that you want.

Instead go for the Renegade...http://www.bubbarope.com/renegade-profe ... overy-rope

This one is 3/4 inch and has breaking strenght of 19,000 pounds or approx 9 tons. This will be much better for your car and give you the kinetic stretch that you are looking for.

I use the Viking kinetic...http://www.vikingoffroad.com/3-4-x-30-v ... -tow-rope/

This rope has the same characteristics as the 3/4 inch Bubba Rope at Ramy. It works great for me and has a very "soft" recoil of my vehicle when I recover someone....or more often the case, when someone recovers me :D

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Post by Asim » Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:39 pm

:thanks: :thanks: Dennis and Matthew.

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