Equipment Needed at different Star Levels

With every promotion comes new roles and responsibility to yourself and others. As you progress through the different star levels the below items is the minimum necessary equipment needed at each level. I have noticed on recent drives that people have been lacking in having equipment at hand. Please make every effort to acquire the below items for your level. If you have more then this is a bonus.

Basic Equipment one needs to carry for offroading :

New Bee :
1. Compatible offroad vehicle with snatch/recovery hooks at both front and rear.
2. Compatible Radio
3. Tyre Pressure Gauge
4. Tyre Deflator
5. Flag pole including flag

Few bee :
1. All of the above
2. Rated snatch strap (kinetic type)
3. 2 Rated Shackles preferably soft shackles
4. Shovel
5. Air compressor

Intermediate :
1. All of the above.
2. GPS Navigation system
3. 3 Ton Hydraulic Jack
4. Base Plate for the jack.
5. First Aid kit
6. Fire extinguisher.

Advance :
1. All of the above
2. Good offroad GPS and knowledge of its use
3. Tools kit and repair kit
4. Spare vehicle fluids and critical mechanical / electrical components
5. Zip Ties

All of the above plus everything else you know you need.