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Race the Sun - Friday Morning, Feb 6th 2015

Postby Saj » Sun Feb 01, 2015 3:01 pm

The objective of the drive is to reach Sweihan before the Sun. However, the bigger objective will be to have some fun :D . Enroute to our destination we will take on large and small dunes with varying sand texture and colour and indulge in a lot of side sloping, side/vertical cresting, some drops, some slip faces and negotiate some vicious ridges along the way. We will hopefully spot gazelles and enjoy panaromic views from the "Lonely Hill".

Due to the nature of the terrain and the [...]

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NEWBIE, Friday 6th Feb PM Drive

Postby joe.zeinoun » Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:29 am

Day and date: Friday 6th Feb, 2015
Drive Type: Newbie/Fewbie

Meeting Point: Al Faqa on Dubai Al Ain Road (E66)
24.717420, 55.628359 /degrees (DD.ddddd°) just copy and paste in Google maps
24°43'2.64"N, 55°37'42.08"E /degrees, minutes (DD°MM.mmm’) GPS Users

[map]24.71779,55.63052(Meeting Point); 24.71779,55.6303 24.71764,55.62809 24.71723,55.62582[/map]

Meeting Time: 02:15 pm
Drive Start: 02:30 pm
Drive End: 06:00 pm - sunset
Duration: 3 hours minimum

Drive Route: Al Faqa to Al Shu [...]
Joe Zeinoun: 0505084806

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FJ 22114

Friday 13 Feb, Newbie PM Drive

Postby FJ 22114 » Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:31 pm

Day&Date: Friday 13 Feb 2015
Drive Type: Newbie
Meeting Point: Nazwa, Dubai-Hatta Road (E44)
24.991196, 55.665732/ Degrees (DD.ddddd°) just copy and paste in Google Maps.
N 24 59.472, E 55 39.944/ Degrees, Minutes (DD°MM.mmm’) GPS Users.
[map]24.98256,55.67081(Meeting&Deflating Point )[/map]
Meeting Time: 02:00 pm
Drive Start: 02:45 pm
Drive End: 05:00 pm
Duration: 3 Hours Minimum
Finishing Point: Badyer shops

We will be having a short lesson about the basic information's, skills and eq [...]

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FJ 22114

14 FEB Intermediate PM Drive

Postby FJ 22114 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:04 pm

Day&Date: Saturday 14 FEB 2015
Drive Type: Intermediate
Meeting Point: Al Faqqa, Dubai-Al Ain Road (E66)
24.716623, 55.620491/ Degrees (DD.ddddd°) just copy and paste in Google maps
N 24 42.997, E 55 37.229/ Degrees, Minutes (DD°MM.mmm’) GPS User
[map]24.71816,55.6197(Meeting&Deflating Point)[/map]
Meeting Time: 01:30 pm
Drive Start: 02:00 pm
Drive End: 05:30 pm
Drive Terrain: Soft & Tricky Dunes
Duration: 4 Hours Minimum
Finishing Point: Depending on convoy performance

Checklist [...]



Postby Matthews » Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:21 pm

Drive Type: New/Fewbee/Intermediate Drive

Meeting Point: 24.716623, 55.620491 (google maps)
N24 42.598 E55 37.138 (GPS users)[map]24.71703,55.62085(Al Faqa Mosque - Meeting Point)[/map]
Meeting Time: 2:00 pm
Drive Starts: 2:30 pm sharp
Drive Ends: 5:30 pm
BBQ Starts: 6:00 pm onwards( People staying back for the BBQ need to confirm their attendance)

Drive Route &Terrain: Side Sloping, Ridge Riding, Cresting, Big Dunes, Technical Dunes

Duration: [...]

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